Residents Remember Homicide Victim

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JACKSON Tenn., — Resident who live near Monday’s homicide victim, Aljernon Lloyd Jr., said he was a well respected property owner in the area, and even saved one man from being homeless. Robert Williams told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News he and his roommates were given one day to find a new place to live when Lloyd took them in, and gave them the keys to his childhood home. “No deposit, moved us into a house with heat, water, electricity everything,” Williams recalled. “Didn’t ask us for no rent for February. We just paid our first rent in March.” Friends mourning Lloyd were not surprised by this act of kindness. “He had a real open heart,” Justin Vaulx, a close family friend said. “Always helpful, always caring and giving.” Williams said Lloyd rented to many Lane College students, and tried to be more than a landlord, mentoring the kids who lived in his properties. “Invited us to church, asked if we had something to eat, made sure everything in the house was OK without us paying bills or rent or anything,” Williams expressed. Residents said now they want to see justice in Lloyd’s death. “It just hurts to know the man that gave you a home, you can’t ever see him again,” Williams said. Jackson Police said Lloyd does not have a criminal history.

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