Deputies Say Chester County Woman Held Hostage

This video is no longer available.

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — A woman is held hostage inside an RV in Chester County, Sunday. Police said a man pulled a gun on his girlfriend and 2 others, including a 15-year-old. The woman who lives across the street from the alleged gunman said she is afraid of her neighbor and said this is not the first time he has pulled a violent act. A neighbor said she saw the hostage situation on Lofton Lane in Chester County play out Sunday afternoon. “I was like whoa, something good must be going down,” Joyce Patterson said. The Chester County Sheriff’s Department said a man in an RV held his girlfriend hostage after firing one gunshot and telling another woman and a 15 year old to leave. Luckily, no one was injured. Patterson said she first saw the girlfriend and one other person moving items out of the RV. “Then, he pulled up and and that’s when it all gone down. He told them to get out at gunpoint, the other neighbors to get out at gunpoint,” she explained. She said those neighbors then called 911 with the girlfriend and one other still inside. “I was watching them, they had the gun pointed directly to the camper telling him to get out, more or less trying to save her I’m assuming,” Patterson said about what happened when deputies arrived. She said she has seen several incidents across the street since the man moved in late last year. Investigators said another incident happened there Saturday night, but would not go into detail. “I just thought he was shooting to shoot, cause people do, saw this morning what he shot: 2 horses,” Patterson said. Some neighbors said they are used to hearing loud noises, like gunshots, come from the residence at all hours of the day and they are glad to hear the homeowner is now in custody. “I’m relieved. One less bad person out there,” Patterson said. Investigators said the man is under arrest but will not release his name or charges until Monday.

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