JMC to Get $1 Million for Learning Technology

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Northeast Middle School students spend their afternoon typing away on computers. Monday morning, Madison County Commissioners approved funding for a more than $1 million technology makeover. The money will be used to launch a technology pilot program at Northeast Middle School and the new academic academy. Through the program, teachers and students will put new laptops, computers, and software to the test. “As we get older it’ll help us learn how to type and stuff and get our work done quicker and faster”, student Edwin Saine said. Educators from other schools in the district will be given an opportunity to learn the new gadgets through professional development training. As students are excited for the new funding coming their way this fall, administration says it’s not something they take lightly. Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin says the school system has to answer to taxpayers. “We take this very seriously. This is not only accepting money, but it is a commitment that the money will be utilized on behalf of children”, Dr. Ruffin said. She says she is excited to see how students will benefit from it, and says there is a plan in place to begin the learning process for both students and teachers.

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