Educator of the Week: Wages

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EAST JACKSON — Meet Leah Wages, a third grade math teacher at Issac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary School. Wages is a teacher with true grit that cares and encourages her students to go beyond their expectations. “My favorite part is to see a child light up after they’ve learned or struggled with something and then have actually learned it,” Wages says. Wages loves to interact with students which she says eliminates some of the challenges that may pop up in the classroom. “We use a lot of manipulatives where kids are actually using a lot of hands on activities. I try to get them up and engaged in their learning.” Wages says. Wages is a product of West Tennessee and went to school in Bolivar. She has been teaching for more than 20 years. She attributes her desire to teach to one particular mentor that has followed her throughout her life and career. “Doris Keller, from Hardeman County. She was my 3rd grade English teacher. When I actually wanted to go into teaching I actually got to teach with her and then for her when she became a principal. I think just watching her for more than 30 years really inspired me.” Wages says. Wages tries to mold herself from the same cloth as the mentor she mentioned above. She is applying what she learned from her mentor and what she can adapt in her teachings today. “To always try their best, to not give up, and to ask questions when they have difficulty with something because that’s why teachers are here to help students. If they don’t ask that question then the teacher doesn’t necessarily know what’s going on. Be sure to ask those questions.” Wages says. Wages encourages her students to live by this motto and says she believes it will take them far in life.

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