Bomb Threat Called In To Hardin County Courthouse, County Jail

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. – The Hardin County Courthouse in Savannah was evacuated after a bomb threat Monday morning, according to Hardin County Sheriff Samuel Davidson. Priscilla Franks, a county clerk office employee, received the call Monday morning around 8:40 a.m. “I answered the phone, it was a withheld number and it was a man’s voice [that] says, if there’s court in either courthouse today in Hardin County that this was a bomb threat and he would blow it up,” Franks said. A second call was received at 10:45 Monday morning at the sheriff’s department and a male caller said, “I swear to God. If there is any court anywhere I will deploy the bomb.” There were two bomb dogs on the scene; one from the University of North Alabama and the other was from the Jackson Police Department. “We looked around and noticed there wasn’t many people in the courthouse,” Christy Robertson said, a Hardin County resident. “And a lady came by and said if you’re here for court you need to vacate the premises we’ve had a bomb threat.” The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security were notified. Hardin County fire trucks and Savannah police were on the scene. The Tennessee Bomb and Arson squad were also on call. “It could be anything from a serious threat to a prank so we take every threat very serious,” Sheriff Davidson said. The employees went back to work after lunch after the court was cleared. The Sheriff’s Office was searched and cleared, and court resumed at 1 p.m. “There’s so much going on now, so many school threats and you know, different things all over the place,” Franks said. “It’s a bad, evil thing.” Deputies said nothing was found on the scene. The situation is still being investigated and officials are working to trace the call.

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