Tennessee Suspends Admissions to 2 Nursing Homes

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Oakwood Community Living Center in Dyersburg is still open while the Tennessee Department of Health investigates. It’s one of two facilities in Tennessee cited by the Health Department. The other is Ripley Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. Robert Weldon said his close friend’s wife used to be a resident at Oakwood. “He said they just really didn’t take good care of her,” Weldon said of his friend. According to the Health Department, state officials have allowed current residents to stay at the Dyersburg facility and at Ripley Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, but as of Tuesday they are both banned from taking in new patients. Health officials said it’s because of inadequate living conditions. Documents state that during a complaint investigation and annual survey conducted earlier this month, the facility had violations of performance, administration and nursing services. Despite the state’s finding, not everyone agrees that Oakwood is a bad place. Sheila Warden said her mother has been at several nursing homes but Oakwood is the best. “They are taking care of her and have her walking again,” Warden said. “I don’t have anything bad to say about them.” State officials said they won’t release the suspension until the violations have been corrected and maintained.

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