Residents Speak About History Behind Bemis Mill

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. — A century-old building in the middle of a historic district could be gone in 1 month. Generations of workers were employed there and many lived within plain sight of the old warehouse. “I worked there, my dad, my sisters, and my brother worked there. It’s just a great place,” Bemis resident Billy Reeves said. The old warehouse sits right in front of the Reeves’ home. Mary Reeves says the building holds a lot of memories. Property owners say the historical district is shaped like a doughnut, and the warehouse sits right in the middle. Originally it was said to be inoperable because it contained asbestos, but now that those medical concerns have been cleared, a demolition permit has been put in to the city of Jackson. Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist says the fight to keep the building standing isn’t over yet. “We’ve been talking to several developers to see if they would have an interest in approaching the owners, to see if it could be purchased, and then a plan for use of the building,” Gist said. WBBJ reached out to former mill owner Walter Helms to comment about the mill but he asked us to get off the property. Meetings will be held this week to decide the fate of the century-old warehous. “It’s just home to us,”Mary Reeves said. Meetings will be held this week to negotiate with the owners.

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