Carroll County Mayor Proposes Pay Raises for County Employees

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HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride says it’s time for county workers to get a pay raise. But McBride says employees shouldn’t be the only ones looking forward to the proposed increase. “Businesses in the county hopefully will benefit by our employees having more buying power,” McBride said. McBride says he and the county budget committee proposed a 1.5 percent salary increase for 165 employees for the 2014 fiscal year, and says the pay raises are not expected to raise county taxes. The next step is to make sure there’s room in the budget. “Our budget committee has met to set budget hearing dates which will be in May,” McBride said. McBride added that the numbers from the hearing will be presented to the county legislative body in July, when the new fiscal year begins. Annette Boyd, an 11 year worker for Carroll County, says this is news to her ears. “We’re always glad to hear we’re getting a raise,” Boyd added.] Officials say the county budget sits at $10.8 million. Boyd says she’s already thinking of what she can do with the extra cash. “First thing that comes to mind is always bills you know, always bills to pay,” Boyd said. Mayor McBride says if the proposal gets past the commission the increase will be in their first pay check in July. The mayor, who’s been in office since 1998, has announced he’s running for a another term in this year’s municipal election. One of his opponents is county commissioner T. Richard Goodwin.

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