Jackson Police Warning Businesses of Counterfeit Checks

DOWNTOWN JACKSON – Jackson Police issued a warning to businesses Wednesday. According to a new release, since March 13th police have received multiple reports of counterfeit checks being cashed on business accounts, resulting in losses exceeding $10,000. Three different businesses in Jackson have reportedly been targeted. Police say the suspects are obtaining the business’ bank account and check routing numbers. They then will solicit a willing participant and produce a check to include the participant’s name and a bogus amount paid. The participant will then cash the counterfeit check at the bank and give the money back to the producer, at which time they receive a percentage of the money for their involvement. Police are urging business owners to check their accounts on a daily basis. If you notice any discrepancy, you’re asked to immediately contact your bank and file a police report. Anyone with information is asked to call the Jackson Police Department at 731-425-8400, or Crime Stoppers at 731-424-8477 (TIPS).

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