Hardeman County Family Gives Dying Baby a Second Chance

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HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Doctors once said Evan had only a couple of months to live, but that didn’t stop the Nields from adopting the now 4-month-old. “They told us he was a body that could breathe, but not to consider him a person or a body,” Kim Nield, Evan’s adopted mother said. Evans was diagnosed with Hydranencephaly, a condition where fluid fills the skull and causes swelling. Nield said the infant was born with only a fourth of his brain, and doctors didn’t think he would make it this long. “He’s a blessing and just shows that humans don’t know everything medically,” Nield said. “I’m a nurse and we just don’t know it all.” Two weeks after bringing Evan home, the infant underwent brain surgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center. The Nields have nine adopted children. Out of those nine, seven are special needs, but Evan was the only diagnosed with a terminal illness. “I think my kids have faith to know that miracles happen,” Nield said. With possibly more challenges ahead and doctors still not ruling out an early death, the Nields said they still believe they made the right decision. “If I got him six months or six years I’m gonna love him just as much as I love all the other kids,” Nield said. To find out how you can donate to “Team Evan”, go to the Seen on 7 section of our website.

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