Generals Opening Day Field Preparation

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NORTHEAST JACKSON– Opening Day is right around the corner for the Jackson Generals, who are slated to host the Mississippi Braves this Wednesday for the home opener. Ballpark staff including the grounds crew are working countless hours to get the field and park ready for Opening Day. The final preps are being made to get the Ballpark at Jackson in top notch shape before Wednesday’s opening series. “What were doing out here is were working hard to provide the safest environment for these guys. We got the dirt ready, the mounds ready, and the grass ready. We continue to apply the fertilizer to get the grass coming. The warm conditions that we have had recently have really boosted the Bermuda to start to grow.” Marty Wallace, Turf Manger of the Generals, says. Even with the recent rainy days, cloudy conditions and up and down temperatures, Wallace says they are ready. “The tarp is on with the rainy weather of today. We want to make sure that the infield skin stays dry so we don’t have any problems when the team gets to town.” Wallace says. The main focus for the field preparation according to Wallace isn’t on the grass, but on the infield dirt where most of the game is played. “The main goal is to have the ball roll smooth and guys to have great footing to ensure stability and eliminate dangerous bad hops.” Wallace says. Wallace says this is a never ending challenge to get a perfect surface. The same can be said to produce a perfect piece of turf in the outfield as many wonder if they can get the backyards to look the same. “As a homeowner I would make sure to get a good starting fertilizer, good pre-emergent, and good mower. These things along with good cultural practices, a little bit of care, and some love could have your lawn growing like the Major Leagues.” Wallace says. Wallace says he will continue to work around the clock to get the field in the best shape possible. The field will be unveiled as the gateway to Summer begins Wednesday Night at 7:05 PM against the Mississippi Braves.

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