Educator of the Week: Perry

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SOUTH JACKSON– Meet Melissa Perry, an Agriculture teacher and Future Farmers of America Advisor at South Side High School in South Jackson. Perry is a teacher who spends a lot of time and energy to help her students in and out of the classroom. “The students really make my job fun. They are the favorite part of my job.” Perry says. The Middle Tennessee State University graduate and teacher of 12 years says the help of other teachers and the ability to work with students through hands on interaction goes a long way. “You know its so important to be here and be on time and teaching students these skills. Teachers here work together as a group to make sure that there successful and have a good experience here at South Side.” Perry says. As a hands on educator, Perry admits the job does have its challenges particularly with funding in which her students have found a way to overcome. “Money is really our big challenge here at South Side. The students are full of ideas and things they want to do. Finding sources of income to make those things happen can be difficult sometimes. Their pretty efficient at finding ways to procure money for say a greenhouse or projects that they have.” Perry said. Perry tries to make lessons fun for students through interactive and gratifying activities. She says doing this allows students to achieve a sense of accomplishment in which they can look back on to achieve present and future goals. “I would like for all my students to realize that they shouldn’t sell themselves short. That they can do anything they set their minds too. It doesn’t matter if somebody tells you what you can do as long you set your mind to it and surround yourself with good people. You will make that goal.” Perry said. Perry is living her dream and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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