A Facelift for One of Jackson’s Best Kept Secrets

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Local churches, military members, and even people that live at the facility themselves helped give Aspell Recovery Center a major facelift. “The rent is based on income and anybody can afford to live there as long as they stay clean and sober. It can be a permanent house for them,” said Richard Barber, Executive Director for Aspell Recovery Center. “It’s been huge for the community and for the lives that are touched by it.” That’s why on Saturday, volunteers felt it was so important to be a part of renovating the campus. “It gives us an opportunity to help other people and that’s what Aspell’s all about – helping people get back on their feet. It’s for folks who want to turn their lives around.” Ron Kirkland said, one of the members of a local church that helped organize the event. Barber has been on board with the mission ever since the impact it had on his life. He says since 1987 when he became clean and sober, one of the things he knew he needed to do was to give back. Community members hope that with their support, lives can be changed. Barber says these projects are more than paint and bricks, and that it sends a statement to the people getting help that they are worthy of being able to recover.

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