Businesses Say Filers Can Apply for Extensions Before Tax Deadline

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WEST JACKSON, Tenn. — For those that have fallen behind on their taxes, filing an IRS extension might be the best option. For the the first time, DeeAnna Litton says she’ll be late filing her taxes because she was unable to get a W-2 form from her boss. “One of my bosses was kind of out of pocket for a while and his paperwork is not available to him as of yet,” Litton said. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service General Manager Julie Bakr says you can request an extension through the IRS website or at a local tax office. If you owe back taxes, you have to pay your fees before the extension is granted. “Because the tax liability doesn’t stop, the interest doesn’t stop just because you filed an extension,” Bakr said. According to Bakr, if you’re not sure how much you make per year it can be difficult to file online. “Make sure you file some money with your extension so you don’t have as much tax liability,” Bakr added. “That’ll reduce your interest and penalty if you reduce your tax liability.” By filing an extension Bakr says tax payers are guaranteed six months to get all their information in line, something Litton is grateful for. “Well I have to wait until I can run previous bosses down and get my 1099s and I have everything else,” Litton said. “I just wanna make sure I have everything before I file.” Tax filers have until midnight Tuesday to file an extension. Some local tax offices are extending their hours to help customers file before the deadline.

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