4 Meth Labs Uncovered in Thursday Night Raids

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HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Officers swarmed the streets of half a dozen West Tennessee counties on Thursday 61 people are arrested, and handguns, meth labs, vehicles and countless drugs were seized in the process. Four meth labs were shut down in less than five hours, and officers said one was seized in across from Jimmy Jones’ home. “It kind of bothers me cause it’s right here kinda close to my front yard,” Jones said. Jones said he and his son often play football in their front yard, but Thursday night he did not know if it was safe. “When we seen everything going on down there, he was outside playing so I made him come in the house cause they were down there with guns. You never know what’s gonna happen,” Jones said. Deputies said they had a search warrant for the home. Inside, they report finding a working meth lab. They arrested Timothy and James Weatherford. Deputies said both are charged with making meth. Thursday night into Friday morning, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department and 18 other agencies saturated six different counties, focusing on high crime areas. “We’re getting creative,” Sheriff Brian Duke said. “We’re trying new things and combining resources with other law enforcement agencies.” Sheriff Duke said these raids are just the beginning. “That tells us that they’re still out there and they’re active. We have several people still making meth, but we hopefully put a dent in what’s being done,” Duke said. Neighbors said now that no one can go in the home, they are optimistic crime in the neighborhood will move out. “I’m glad they caught it, found it, and put an end to it, right here in my front yard, anyway,” Jones said. Officers said the state and possible federal charges range from drug counts to traffic violations to armed robbery. Along with Henderson County, raids were conducted in Madison, Gibson, Crockett, Haywood, and Chester counties.

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