Residents Reenact The Crucifixion of Jesus

This video is no longer available.

MILAN, Tenn. — For some it was hard to watch, but participants said a reenactment of the brutality of Jesus’ crucifixion is important. “So many people know about Easter,” Angela Bates, a Milan resident, said. “But many are unaware of what Good Friday means.” It’s the fourth year dozens of members of First General Baptist Church in Milan observe Good Friday in this way, reenacting the crucifixion. Daniel White carried the cross as Jesus. His fellow church members followed him, hitting him with a whip. “We’re just doing a small portion of it,” White said. “Our whips don’t have glass on them like theirs did.” Participants walked two miles carrying a cross and holding signs, hoping to get the community involved in their reenactment. White said the purpose was to get people’s attention, and it did. Several drivers honked their horns as they passed. “We had a lot of people honking for Jesus as we held the signs,” Savannah Campbell, a participant said. Organizers said in previous years drivers have called police, confused by the brutal reenactment, thinking it was real. They said this year they’re hoping their acts aren’t clouded by confusion. “It’s easy to tell someone what happened but the reenactment is so much better because you can see what Jesus went through,” White said.

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