Watch Out for Motorcyclists

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JACKSON, Tenn. — This time of year, the rubber meets the road for drivers wanting to soak up the sunshine, but it’s also one of the most dangerous time of year for those on motorcycles. Whether it’s a group ride for charity or a Saturday afternoon cruise, bike educators say with the temperatures rising, two-wheeled vehicles flood the road again. “They’re just fun. They’re a great lifestyle,” said Harley Davidson Safety Academy’s Rick Bonds. He says that with that lifestyle comes responsibility for both motorcycle and automobile drivers. “Most accidents that involve motorcycles and automobiles – the first thing that comes out of the automobile driver’s mouth is, ‘I never saw him’, cause they’re not looking for them. They don’t expect to see motorcycles out there so they don’t see them,” said Bonds. The Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nearly 150 motorcyclists die each year in crashes in Tennessee alone. Rider Arthur Chism said he knows that risk. “I’ll have to lay mine down sometimes because somebody pulls out in front of me and you have to watch for yourself and for other drivers also,” said Chism. Bonds said for motorcyclists, turn on the high beams and make sure to wear reflective clothing even in the daytime. For automobile drivers, be aware that motorcycles are out there. Bonds said the single most important thing anyone can do is be aware of everything going on around them.

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