New Sheriff Has Big Plans for Short Term

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Newly appointed Madison County Sheriff Tommy Cunningham says he plans to make big changes in a small amount of time. After 46 years in law enforcement, Cunningham officially took over the Madison County Sheriff‘s Office. “It’s kind of a dream come true for me,” Cunningham said. Commissioners appointed Cunningham interim sheriff on Monday night. The former chief deputy took over in February when former Sheriff David Woolfork announced his retirement amid a sexual harassment claim. “No one wanted four sheriffs in the last seven months, so I think everybody is glad that it’s over with,” said Cunningham. Some say they are glad commissioners made a decision. “I think it’s good that we have that settled,” said Brenda Moss, a Denmark resident. “We get some continuity until the election and then we‘ll find out what the voters want to do in Madison County this time.” Cunningham says he plans to retire once the new sheriff takes over Sept. 1. “I’ve got five grandchildren,” he said. “Hope to spend a lot more time with them and maybe do a little fishing.” In the meantime, Cunningham plans to look at the department‘s policy and procedure manual, tackle the budget, and possibly update uniforms for deputies at the jail. “It’ll save about half the price of what a regular uniform that they have now,” Cunningham said. Cunningham says he has not appointed a chief deputy yet. Madison County residents will elect a new sheriff in August.

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