One Man Still Wanted in Paris Park Shooting

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PARIS, Tenn. — After a shooting breaks out in a Paris public park, one man is custody and one is still wanted. Police say Marquice Tharpe, 27, turned himself in on Tuesday, but Markia Patton, 29, is still walking free. Paris police say they suspect these two are responsible for opening fire in the crowded park. Tharpe, originally believed to be a victim, was treated for a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Both suspects are alleged to have affiliations with gangs, but they are unsure if it played a part in the shooting, according to police. “Gang violence association in our parks is a threat to our public safety,” Lt. Tom Lankford with Paris Police said. “Nothing of this type will be tolerated.” Right now, officers are unclear how many people were at the park last week when the shooting happened. Police say they’ve had trouble with victims and eyewitnesses cooperating, and fear there could be additional suspects or victims. “We want to encourage anyone who might know about the shooting or may be a victim of a minor injury to come forward at this time,” Lankford said. Both Patton and Tharpe face criminal attempt to commit murder charges. Police Chief Chuck Elizondo says this violence in their park has caused them to take more precautions during this week’s upcoming Fish Fry Festival. “We will have a greater police presence,”Elizondo said. “That includes the parade, carnival and all activities. Police say the two other victims were released from the hospital and are at home recovering. Paris police ask anyone who may have information in this shooting to call Paris Police Department.

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