E-Cig Users React to FDA Regulations

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JACKSON, Tenn. — From the first day Melissa Beckham and her husband picked up an e-cigarette, she said their lives have been changed. “We never stopped craving and we went back, but then we found this product. I can tell a major difference when I get up in the morning and I could tell that on the first day,” said Beckham. Today the FDA announced plans to regulate the industry that’s expected to top $1 billion in sales this year. “It’s like the Wild West. Companies can do anything they want,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg. She says there’s a lot more research that needs to be done. “We need to understand a lot more about how they’re being used and what are the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes,” said Dr. Hamburg. For now the FDA announced plans to prohibit e-cigarette sales to anyone under 18, ban e-cigarettes from being sold in bending machines, and require a nicotine warning label. Store employees say they agree with the plans, especially selling to kids, and they say they’re excited for the future of the industry. “Once you totally stop craving nicotine and you still have that sensation of hand to mouth and seeing something come out. They do that for about a week or two and then they’re just done,” said co-owner of Roar Vapors Adam Nance. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed the number of middle and high school students who tried electronic cigarettes doubled to nearly two million kids in 2012.

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