Residents Help Police Confiscate Drugs and Guns

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Several stolen guns were recovered, drugs confiscated and several people are behind bars in Brownsville — and that’s just in the last week. “The last arrest resulted in several ounces of marijuana, stolen guns and thousands of dollars,” Captain Chuck Willis with the Brownsville Police Department said. Captain Willis said that’s only one of the incidents that has happened in the last week where tips from residents helped them get stolen guns, drugs and alleged criminals off the streets. “People are getting more involved,” Capt. Willis said. “And I attribute that to them being tired of dealing with all of the problems.” “I think it should be much safer than it is around here,” Devunn Crews, a resident, said. According to Captain Willis, since last Wednesday police have confiscated seven illegal guns and several ounces of marijuana. They’ve also seized cars and thousands of dollars in cash on four separate incidents. The last one happened on Jelks Street, where they found a shotgun, a revolver and an assault rifle. “No one lived in the house, they just used it to store guns when they did their crimes,” Captain Willis said. Captain Willis also added that with consistent police presence and help from the community, he believes the community will be even safer. Police are asking residents to keep reporting suspicious activity by calling the Brownsville Police Department.

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