Educator of the Week: DeBerry

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HUMBOLDT, Tenn.– Glenda DeBerry says she loves teaching math and computer classes at Humboldt Middle School. She loves having the ability to get to know all the students and being able to help each one of them. “My favorite part is just getting to know the kids. I love math and anything that has to do with numbers. I love doing that but it’s just really getting to know the kids and who they are and what they think.” DeBerry said. This teacher of nearly 40 years is a highly respected graduate of both Tennessee State University and the University of Memphis where she achieved a Masters in Mathematics. “Teaching wasn’t my goal. It just kind of happened,” DeBerry said. “You know it just kind of fell into my lap. I met a man that worked for the school boards and I worked at a bank. He asked me if I wanted a job teaching and I told him yes. It just kind of went from there and I have been here ever since.” As an educator of many years, she has encountered many challenges but says the biggest of all is getting her students to have confidence in their work. “My difficulty is putting the confidence in the kids to let them know that it can be done. Don’t give up. There’s always hope for you and that education is very very important. That’s really the key for your success in life. I think once they understand that then they will not give up.” DeBerry says. DeBerry tries to help each and every student in anyway possible. This is something she has been doing for a long time in the community working for the Boys and Girls Club. “Never give up, education is the key that is gonna unlock doors for you. Persevere and keep god on your side.” Deberry said. DeBerry plans on retiring at the end of the school year but will remain a valued member of the community. She plans on continuing her work in helping the children of Humboldt.

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