Residents Reminisce About For Sale Greyhound Station

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DOWNTOWN JACKSON — The Greyhound bus station in downtown Jackson could close its doors for good. People in Jackson remember the building during its prime. The Jackson staple sits along East Main Street. “I used to go to South Jackson School, elementary school,” Floyd Vann, of Jackson, said. “I used to pass the bus station as a kid.” Vann grew up with the Greyhound bus station. Years later he still stops to visit. “A quarter for a cup of coffee, that’s hard to beat,” Vann said. The bus station, built in 1938, looks the same today. “It was always busy, very busy,” Madison County Historian Linda J. Higgins said. Higgins took trips to the transportation hub in the 1940s. “After the Christmas parade my daddy and mother, but mainly my daddy, would take me there to get my hot chocolate,” Higgins said. Higgins said the building is architecturally significant. She said the bus station represents the Art Deco style and there are few of those buildings left. “It is a work of art, it really is and I think we need to keep it because it is a work of art,” Higgins said. The Jackson Madison County Library houses pictures of the Greyhound bus building from the 1930s and 1960s. Vann said he would be sad to see it go. “It’s just been a part of Jackson for so long,” Vann said. “It’s just like I mean it’s just like city hall I guess.” The Jackson landmark also sits on the National Register of Historic Places. A real estate agent confirms the building is listed for $375,000. A Greyhound spokesperson says the bus station will stay at the downtown location until a decision is made about relocating closer to Interstate 40.

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