Madison County Sheriff’s Office Employee Claims Hostile Work Environment

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DOWNTOWN JACKSON — An eight-year employee at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office says she believes she was a victim of relation. WBBJ has obtained a copy of the email Sergeant Vatisha Evans sent to five members of the Madison County Commission outlining what she called a “hostile work environment.” In her email, Sgt. Evans claims her supervising captain, which she does not name, was a “bully at the department” and he created “havoc in the workplace”. Sgt. Evans also says other employees were reluctant to complain because the captain threatened his employees with his friendship with former Sheriff David Woolfork. Evans says the alleged retaliation by her captain began on March 24 when he wrote her up for being “arrogant and disrespectful”. Evans said she appealed the write-up and claimed it was deemed “ridiculous” during a meeting with County Mayor Jimmy Harris, County Attorney Steve Maroney and HR Director Tony White. However, Maroney says the meeting was simply a chance for Evans to voice her grievances and he was an impartial member of the discussion. Sheriff Tommy Cunningham told WBBJ that Evans told him if he would take the write up out of her file, she wouldn’t go to the EEOC. Cunningham said he declined. The county attorney says he’s not been notified of an official EEOC filing.

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