Barbecue at the Strawberry Festival

This video is no longer available.

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — West Tennesseans put down the strawberries and cooked barbecue for one of the final events of the Strawberry Festival. Dozens of teams competed for the title of “Best BBQ”, “Best Sauce” and “Best Chicken” to name a few. Organizers say cooks were out Friday night getting prepared for the big competition and started cooking early the next morning. The cook-off lasted from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Cooks say they enjoy the fun atmosphere. “We’re all Humboldt natives, and it’s very good for the community,” Blake Patterson, a participant, said. “They like coming out and seeing the grills and the people and everybody getting together.” The grand champion was team “Chillin and Grillin”. Big Bubba’s BBQ took home the prize for “Best Sauce”, and”Big Mouth Smokers” won for “Best Ribs”. The full list of winners is below. Sauce: 1.) Big Bubba’s BBQ 2.) Harley Hog Smokers 3.) Cue Review 4.) Big Mouth Smokers Anything But: 1.) Chillin & Grillin 2.) When Pigs Fly 3.) 2 Little Pigs 4.) Big Bubba’s BBQ Pres. Choice – Big Mouth Smokers Chicken: 1.) Chillin & Grillin 2.) Part Time Cookers 3.) Big Bubba’s BBQ 4.) Big Mouth Smokers Shoulder: 1.) 2 Little Pigs 2.) Big Bubba’s BBQ 3.) TN River Porkers 4.) Big Mouth Smokers Ribs: 1.) Big Mouth Smokers 2.) When Pigs Fly 3.) Big Bubba’s BBQ 4.) Tom Kat BBQ Grand Champion: Chillin & Grillin

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