Police Called Multiple Times to Fights in a Public Park

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Dozens of people were involved in several brawls at a Jackson park on Sunday afternoon. Police say they were called multiple times to break up fights at Muse Park, and ultimately say they had to stay in the park to patrol the area and prevent further violence. People in the park said they were trying to enjoy their Mother’s Day and all the commotion was a huge frustration to deal with. Nahshon Black and her family saw all of the commotion unfold. “They started fighting in the basketball court and then the police start swarming down here cause all the teenagers were walking up here,” Black’s daughter Akirra said. Black says she hates for her daughter to see this on a day they were trying to enjoy with family. “It just bothers me that you can’t come out and celebrate or do nothing together without something going wrong or the police showing up,” Black said. Police said they had to patrol to make sure no more fights were going to break out. Several families left the park because of the violence. “The kids need to be somewhere at home with their mama enjoying Mother’s Day,” Black said. “We don’t need to come to the park and have to worry about police or somebody pulling a gun and some child getting shot.” Police couldn’t confirm exactly how many fights broke out in the park on Sunday. They say no one was seriously hurt, but were going to continue to watch the area as long as needed. Law enforcement encourages anyone that sees violent activity to call Crimestoppers or their local police department.

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