Police Urge Residents To Speak Up To Help End Rash of Violence

DOWNTOWN JACKSON — A spike in shootings in Jackson have residents and officials searching for answers. Jackson Police Chief Gill Kendrick said for his officers to do their jobs, residents must also do their part and speak up when they have information on crime. On May 5, a shooting on Carver Street left one man dead and another injured. In the eight days since, police have investigatedfour more shootings, with at least two injuries. The most recent happened Monday night when a man said he was shot along Old Hickory Boulevard. “We have had an unnecessary amount of shootings in the last few days,” Chief Kendrick said. “It’s been worse than its ever been,” Montrell Wilkes, a Jackson resident said. “I don’t like my family to go out now,” Wilkes said. “I go out and do the grocery shopping for now until things calm down.” Chief Kendrick is asking for more community involvement. “If you know something, then help us find the people who are creating a negative image in Jackson Tennessee,” Kendrick said. Police are asking anyone with information to contact Jackson Police or Crime Stoppers.

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