Educator of the Week: Melton

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NORTH JACKSON— This week’s Educator of the Week is Jenna Melton, a 3rd grade teacher at Jackson Christian School. Melton is a compassionate teacher who cares and interacts in any way possible with her students. “Getting to interact with the kids, see them develop and grow their personalities, quirks, and all. Its just a joy to with each and every one of them every day.” Melton said. Melton tries to comfort her students in anyway possible. She says this allows them to interact and think about the material they are learning in many different ways. “I try to just be real with my kids and they see me goof up all the time,” Melton said. “They laugh at me and we go with it. I try very hard to make them comfortable and let them see I’m not perfect and don’t expect them to be perfect either. There is a lot to learn from that.” Melton says there are some difficulties in the classroom, but her kids make those challenges easy to overcome. “There [are] just amazing kids. The task of developing them and continuing that emotionally as well as academically, spiritually, physically. There [are] a lot of challenges and the responsibility of that is very great.” Melton said. The graduate of Ole Miss University and teacher of 10 years says she is blessed with such a wonderful career. Three of her 10 years have been spent at the Jackson Christian School where she has comforted and cared for students with pure compassion in which parents say they truly love. Melton attributes these traits to her own parents and teachers of the past. “I was very blessed to have very encouraging parents that encouraged me to go to college and strive to be the best that I can be.” Melton said. Melton hopes her students can continue to achieve their maximum potential and show off each and one of their many talents.

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