Football Stadium Vote Stirs Controversy

JACKSON, Tenn. — The new budget for the Jackson-Madison County School District includes building a new football stadium, but where is to be built is stirring a bit of controversy. The board approved to demolish and rebuild North Side High School’s stadium at an estimated cost of $645,000. The board said it is a necessity because of safety concerns. Several parents at the meeting were upset the board approved a new stadium for North Side when Jackson Central-Merry does not have one at all. “We feel like we are the low man on the totem pole, the last school looked at or anything else. We’re the bad school supposedly is how we feel”, said parent David Luckey. “Don’t forget us. We’re there. I mean, we’re parents. Help us just a little bit then maybe it would be a better atmosphere, you never know,” parent Wilma Jones said. JCM currently plays at Lane College’s stadium. Dr. ruffin said in the meeting she would make sure this option was still available for the school.

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