JMCSS Teachers Learn Jobs To Be Eliminated

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JACKSON, Tenn. — During Thursday’s special school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin announced 17 instructional teaching positions will be eliminated next year, after the board approved the proposed budget. “The total amount of instructional coaches we reduced was 17. Some schools will have to share instructional coaches, and some will have a full time instructional coach,” Dr. Ruffin said. Instructional coaches work one-on-one as supervisors with teachers, on ways to improve student’s performance and lessons. Ruffin said during the board meeting, this cut will open around $600,000 in their budget. Board member, David Clifft, asked why instructional coaches received a letter Thursday from Dr. Ruffin claiming they were out of a job. “Pretty much saying that your job is being eliminated and you’re being terminated,” Clifft stated. “I did not sign a termination letter for anyone.If a person received one I’d like to see it,” Ruffin said on the matter. Ruffin said she reached out to each instructional teacher by email, and even with the cuts she does not expect the teachers to not have a job with the district next year. “I would anticipate that the instructional coaches, because they are masters teachers, to be employed as a teacher or a promotion in some other area they choose to apply for,” Ruffin said. For a full look at each budget the board approved, look for the story under our “Seen on 7” section.

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