Tips to Keep Boaters Safe This Upcoming Summer

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. – Boating season has begun, and the Tennessee Wildlife and Resources Agency is issuing an important reminder. “Safety is the key word. Now that’s several components, but the big component is life jackets,” Steve Henderson, Regional Boating and Hunting Education Coordinator at TWRA, said. The TWRA is participating in the “Wear It” initiative, which promotes the use of a life jacket anytime you’re on the water. “The reason for that is if a person is injured — say you fall from a boat, particularly a fisherman if they’re fishing — they fall from the boat and end up in the water and are injured. You don’t have a life jacket on which creates obviously a problem,” Henderson said. State law requires those 13 and younger must wear a life jacket while on a boat. However, Tennessee does require all boaters at the helm to have a Tennessee Boating Safety Certificate. Boaters should keep their certificate with them at all times, and the TWRA suggests having a few other things as well. “There again have your life jacket, throw cushion, good to have a fire extinguisher that’s always good should you have a fire. Might want to make sure all your fuel hoses and all that are good since a leak or spark could set something off.” Mark Hopper, Boater and Owner of Golden Circle Marine. Remember on this beautiful holiday weekend to be a role model. Wear the vest and keep you and your family safe.

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