Pit Bull Attacks 4-Year-Old

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — An investigation has been launched after a pit bull attacks a 4-year-old boy. On Monday, the child was walking with his mother on Lane Road in West Madison County when the pit bull broke the chain it was fastened to and got loose. According to the investigation, the dog then chased the 4-year-old, his mother, Mandy Davis, and their pet. The child was bitten on his leg. “I don’t know if it broke through the chain and it just kept coming for us,” Davis said. “We were so stunned that this big pit bull was still coming toward us and I turned around and my son’s laying on the ground screaming.” Deputies said as part of their investigation they examined the chain used to restrain the dog and said it was acceptable. They said because the owner attempted to restrain the dog, they do not plan to issue charges. “If the dog is going to break loose from a chain and run across their yard and across the street to attack people that are walking down the road, I think something else needs to be done. I don’t think the dog was contained properly,” Davis said. Rabies Control responded to the scene and took possession of the dog for observation. They said if the dog clears, the pit bull can go back home. “After 10 days they said the owner can come get it and I just kept asking is there anything I can do, what if this happens again?” Davis said. Deputies say the investigation is continuing. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News tried to contact the dog’s owner, but did not get response. The incident report said the owner could not provide proof of vaccination for the dog. Davis said her son had to have seven stitches in the back of his thigh but is expected to fully recover.

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