Owner of Quarantined Pit Bull Says “Dog is Not Aggressive At All”

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WEST JACKSON, Tenn. — The owner of the pit bull accused of a attacking a 4-year-old wants to set the record straight about her beloved pet. “My dog is not aggressive at all. He’s the sweetest dog in the whole world,” Lacey Slater said. Slater said since her dog, named Memphis, was taken by rabies control on Monday, she’s missed him like she would any member of her family. “I’m not worried about him biting anyone else ’cause I know it was an accident,” Slater said.” He didn’t mean to bite anyone.” Deputies say Mandy Davis and her son were walking down Lane road on Monday when Memphis chased them and bit the 4-year-old. He had to have seven stitches. Slater said Memphis’ chain used to restrain him broke when he started chasing the family. “I can’t believe my dog did that. I hope the little boy’s OK. If it were my kid, if the shoe were on the other foot, I know how I’d feel,” Slater said. She said she has had many pit bulls over the years and none have ever been aggressive. Slater said Memphis is usually friendly. In fact, Memphis is the mascot for a local soccer team. The mother of the 4-year-old said he is doing fine and is expected to fully recover.

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