Secret Sex Tapes Shown During Woolfork Criminal Trial

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JACKSON, Tenn.- Testimony began Wednesday in the criminal trial of former Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork. Woolfork’s former mistress and alleged victim, Deputy Sharon Sangster, was on the stand for more than 4 hours. Revealed during her testimony was the discovery of two sex tapes featuring Woolfork and Sangster — one on Sept. 12 and the other on Sept. 25. The jury was only shown Sangster setting up the camera preparing for Woolfork to arrive. In court, it was disclosed Sangster sent a text message to a friend that read: “got what I need plus much more” after the Sept. 12 sex tape. Sangster also sent a text message to Woolfork on Sept 14th read allowed in court that said in part: “You don’t scare me”. While on the stand, Sangster admitted after Sept. 25 sex tape, Madison County Constable Frankie Lax took her to meet with Jimmy Wallace, a prominent republican leader in the area, so she could get help getting out of her relationship with Woolfork . State prosecutors asked Sangster why she did not have a camera set up on Oct. 10. Sangster said it was because she was not expecting Woolfork to come over. Other text messages were read aloud off phone records. Mark Donahoe read one allowed sent in August from Sangster to Woolfork saying “I guess the political stuff has started I just got a call from a white man asking did I want to get rich quick and was asking me questions about you.” Donahoe read another text sent shortly after saying “I guess that’s where the money in the mailbox came from.” While Donahoe argued this shows Sangster’s actions may be politically motivated; Sangster testified this text was just them bickering and that never really happened. Officer Kenneth Reeves, who responded to Sangster’s home that night, also took the stand along with Constable Frankie Lax. Woolfork was indicted last December on counts of attempted aggravated sexual battery and domestic assault, misdemeanor. Both charges stem from the Oct. 10, 2013 incident involving his mistress Deputy Sangster at her home in west Jackson. The trial is expected to last through Thursday. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News will have continuing coverage throughout the entire trial.

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