Jury finds former Madison County Sheriff not guilty of attempted aggravated sexual battery

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DOWNTOWN JACKSON — The jury delivered a not guilty verdict in the criminal trial of former Madison County sheriff David Woolfork Thursday night. Woolfork was found not guilty of the charge of attempted aggravated sexual battery. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News spoke to Woolfork moments after the “not guilty’ verdict was read “I just concentrated a little bit on the charges and our day in court. I said on several occasions that the only area that had found me guilty it appeared to be in some parts of the media,” Woolfork said. “Of course the jury has spoken and I’m happy we can put it behind us and move on.” Woolfork’s attorney, Mark Donahoe, said after the verdict his team plans to investigate the secret sex tapes taken by Sharon Sangster, and if any criminal act was committed in making them. “It’s something the sheriff and I have discussed. As we go forward to see if we can make some request for somebody to review that to see whether a criminal act has been committed or not,” Donahoe said. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News asked both Sangster and prosecutors for comment after the verdict, both declined. The trial lasted three days. Woolfork was indicted last December on counts of attempted aggravated sexual battery and domestic assault, misdemeanor. Both charges stem from the Oct. 10, 2013 incident involving his mistress Deputy Sangster at her home in west Jackson. The domestic assault charge was dropped on the last day of trial.

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