Rockabilly Gran Prix Brings 300 Cyclists to Jackson

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JACKSON, Tenn. — More than 300 bicyclists came to Jackson on Saturday to compete in one of West Tennessee’s most unique races. The Rockabilly Gran Prix kicked into gear with cyclists of all ages competing in a road race, followed by a time trial, and the Criterium Sunday. “It’s just a time to get out with nature but then get that physical activity. It’s just really great fitness,” cyclist Kimberly Ryan said. Ryan along with more than 300 bicyclists from over 8 states across the Southeast. “We started that three years ago and it just grew from there”, event organizer Matt Joiner said. Joiner said a road race three years ago has turned into the omnium, two days of three bike races for competitors of all ages. “I just finished a ten mile race and now I have a five mile time trial”, Luke Andre said, who competed for team Hub City Lift Center. Racers said it’s a team effort. “You really just have to stick together and be able to draft each other and pull each other to stay with the pack,” cyclist Taylor Murphy said. Cyclist Cathy Morgan with Team TN Women’s Cycling says every team has a goal. “We got together.. we have the same type of goals and just the same.. want to have fun on the bike and to race, and another aspect is to get more women in racing here,” explained Morgan. For Ryan, who won the road race Saturday morning in her division, it’s rewarding. “I think that’s what’s great about racing is tactics. you’re not just alone on the road you’re out there working with a team, and just getting some stuff done you don’t have to be first you can work hard for your team and there’s a lot of glory in that,” Ryan said. Race organizers say the final race Sunday, the Criterium, is the one to watch. “You also get, it’s like NASCAR on bikes. You’re elbow to elbow, you know… everything you’ve got,” Joiner said. The Criterium will be held at The Lift in downtown Jackson. Organizers say it will begin around 1 p.m.

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