Woolfork’s Attorney Requests Investigation into Sex Tape

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JACKSON, Tenn.- The attorney for former Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork officially requests an investigation into his former mistress Sharon Sangster and Constable Frankie Lax. Woolfork maintains Sangster broke the law when she video taped them in an intimate situation on September 12 and September 26 of last year. The retired sheriff said Constable Lax broke the law when he made copies of the videos and disseminated them to other people. “if it’s a violation and we know about it now and they admitted to it in court, then it should also be followed up by the people who prosecute crimes,” said defense attorney Mark Donohoe. The letter requesting the investigation is addressed to district attorney general Jerry Woodall and Captain Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department. General Woodall told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News he had not seen the letter. Captain Miller said Chief Kendrick and General Woodall will meet Tuesday.

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