New arrest in Holly Bobo case

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DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. — John Dylan Adams, 26, was arrested Wednesday night in Decatur County and is now being held at the Madison County Jail. According to the TBI he is charged with tampering with evidence on the day Holly Bobo vanished from her home. Dylan is the brother of Zachary Adams who is already charged in the case. “I certainly don’t want to say that we were looking at him from the get go,” TBI spokesperson Josh Devine said. “However, the most important thing is that we developed information in recent weeks that lead us to this charge.” The TBI said Dylan Adams disposed of items he knew were critical to the case on the day when Bobo went missing in 2011. “Everything right now is part of our comprehensive plan to find everyone responsible in this case,” District attorney Matt Stowe said. The TBI said this case is far from solved. “Our investigation is by no means complete with this arrest and this charge,” Devine said. “We’re continuing to follow leads, continuing to follow evidence.” Dylan Adams was booked into the Madison County Jail. Devine said this was done to keep him safe. “It was determined that, that was a facility that was most appropriate for him,” Devine said. “From a safety perspective as well as a logistics prospective.” Back in April, Dylan gave a sworn statement to the TBI saying he saw Holly Bobo after she disappeared. His brother, Zach was charged with coercing a witness after trying to get a message to Dylan saying, “If he doesn’t shut his mouth he will be in the hole beside her.” John Dylan Adams is being held without bond and is scheduled to be arranged in Decatur County next week.

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