Sheriff: Man shot three times will be charged

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McNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. — There is a new twist in Monday’s McNairy County shooting investigation. McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck says they will charge the man who was shot and not his estranged wife who reportedly pulled the trigger. Buck said as Jeff Carrol recovers in the hospital from three gunshot wounds to the gut, he’s now facing four criminal charges including kidnapping, domestic assault, burglary and vandalism. Investigators say his wife was acting in self-defense when she reached for the gun. “We have the right to defend ourselves, and at this point we believe she acted within her rights,” Buck said. Officers responded Monday night to a home on Tommy Sanders Road in Stantonville after receiving a call from a woman about a domestic dispute. Deputies say when they got there, 55-year-old Jeff Carrol was gone. Officials say he returned, and that is when his soon-to-be ex-wife shot him. “The whole time that this was going on, she stayed on the phone with 911,” Buck said. “We have a recording of the events basically that happened.” Buck said the woman then barricaded herself in her bathroom, and they believe Carrol forced his way inside. “Once she shot the first time, he came on into the bathroom door and was shot two more times,” Buck said. Annette Finley, who lives a few roads over, said she has known the woman’s family for years, “and he would probably have to push her to an extent to make her do something like that, because she wasn’t that type of person.” Investigators say Carrol currently is in stable condition at a Memphis hospital. “At this point, his condition isn’t going to allow him to leave,” Buck said. “He’s got a shattered pelvis, and I believe a hip, so we don’t think he’s a flight risk at this point.” Buck said they are still investigating. He also said based on Carrol’s medical condition, he is not sure when they will be able to book him into the county jail.

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