Lane College announces layoffs due to decreased enrollment

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EAST JACKSON — A dip in enrollment numbers has led to layoffs at Lane College, according to school officials. The job cuts were announced during a Friday morning meeting led by Lane College President Dr. Logan. C. Hampton. 52 positions will be affected, according to school officials. Managers have been asked to assess their departments and determine nonessential jobs that may be eliminated, Hampton said.”The cuts will be from the cabinet level to the custodial employees,” he said. Hampton, who is in his first year of presidency, said the school’s funding is tuition-driven and that payroll relies on enrollment numbers. Officials say despite significant cuts to staff, the school is not financially in the red. ” Today, all our debt…debt service is up to date. All our employees have been paid and will be paid. Our cash flow is strong,” he said. During the Fall 2012 semester, Lane College was comprised of 530 employees of which 25 percent were faculty members, according to the collegeā€˜s website. Staff say there are currently 385 employees at the school. Students are not expected to be impacted by the cuts, “the morale is good and it will not affect at all the quality of education students will receive,” said Vice President of Institutional advancement, Richard Donnell. Hampton is the tenth president of Lane College, which was founded in 1882.

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