8-year-old treated for enterovirus in Henry Co.

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PARIS, Tenn. — Henry County Medical Center has treated its first case of an enterovirus this season. A hospital spokesperson says they’re not sure if it’s the same D68 strain hospitalizing thousands of children across 30 other states. Enterovirus D68 has put thousands in the hospital especially young children. Director of marketing and public relations at Henry County Medical Center, Tory Daughrity, confirms they treated the first case of enterovirus of the season in Tennessee. “This particular patient was tested with a nasal swab and confirmed to have an enterovirus,” Daughrity said. Daughrity says test that determines the exact strain wasn’t done so they can’t say for certain it is EV-D68. The Tennessee Department of Health says it has no confirmed cases of D68 in the state. Daughrity explains why the test wasn’t completed, “because basically they treat the patient the same way.” She says the patient treated in Henry County is an 8-year-old girl who has since been released. West Tennessee grandmother, Billie Ann White, is concerned about the unknown, “it’s scary, scary. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my granddaughter.” Daughrity says they believe the 8-year-old had the D68 strain of the virus because of her symptoms. “She did have the respiratory symptoms and so because they wouldn’t treat any patient that has an enterovirus the same way regardless of the type that is what they did,” Daughrity said. She says while it is scary to hear parents should not be worried, but they should take precautions like washing hands and being careful when sharing food and drinks. Symptoms of enterovirus include sneezing, runny nose and sometimes, a difficulty to breathe. Doctors recommend scheduling an appointment if your child begins developing symptoms.

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