TBI investigates deputy involved shooting

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THREE WAY, Tenn. — The TBI has stepped in to help with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department after Sheriff John Mehr confirms one of his deputies shot a suspect Friday in Three Way. Investigators worked two crime scenes for hours but have released few details about who the two suspects were or why a deputy opened fire. Eyewitnesses say this has shaken them up. “It’s still scary,” Rose Darling said. “It was right over here in the parking lot. Anyone could have gotten shot in the process of it. Anybody could have died.” The sheriff’s office says a suspect they were trying to arrest was injured after a deputy opened fire. They have not released the victim’s condition or name but did say they have a second suspect in custody. Witnesses say the incident started in the parking lot of the Maverick gas station. “They were sitting in the car in the parking lot, and there was an undercover cop,” one witness said. “They got chased down through the parking lot.” Sheriff Mehr says the men tried getting away by speeding across the 45 bypass but ended up hitting a fence across the street. One witness says they almost hit a deputy. “They should be punished.” Rose Darling said. “If you try to run over a police officer, what do you expect?” The crime scene in the lot of Quality Outdoor Products is where the Sheriff’s Office focused a majority of their attention. Deputies documented and removed things from a car on the property but would not confirm what or whom was taken away. Mehr says they have brought in outside agencies for assistance. “The TBI is here. We called them in immediately,” Mehr said. “They’re working with us. This is a joint investigation.” In addition to law enforcement, multiple people also arrived on the scene who were visibly upset. One woman who works at the store where the shooting happened said she did not know what to expect. “My first thought when I came through here was that my store had gotten robbed and was everyone OK,” Darling said. Mehr also has not released the name of the suspect who was arrested on the scene and would not say what charges he could face.

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