Mother claims son was yanked by his kindergarten teacher

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — A mother in Savannah claims her son’s teacher yanked him by his arms and ear into his classroom on Wednesday. The Hardin County School’s superintendent confirms the district is launching an investigation starting Monday when the school’s return from their fall break. Amanda Grisham’s 6-year-old son, Payton, is a kindergartner at Parris South Elementary School in Savannah. Grisham sakd he is now scared to leave his house after his teacher allegedly forced him into the classroom on Wednesday by pulling on his arms and ear. Grisham said she walks Payton into school every day and on Wednesday he did not want to go into his classroom. “I’m scared. Why are you scared? I’m scared of my teacher. OK, why are you scared of your teacher? First, he said something about pulling the arms,” Grisham said. She said the incident was all caught on a school surveillance camera. “Then you can see where she grabbed both arms, yanked him this way, he went down to the ground, and then she grabs him and drags him into the classroom,” Grisham said. Hardin County Schools superintendent, Michael Davis, said if the surveillance video is made public it will not be until sometime next week when the schools return from their fall break. “I told the mother this morning I would make it a priority first thing to be there and would meet with the principal and the teacher and do my investigation,” Davis said. Davis said he has not seen the video for himself and will not see it until Monday. “We don’t hide from anything we deal with everything I think we have quality teachers and I hope this can be resolved as well,” Davis said. Grisham said no matter the outcome her son will not be returning to that classroom, “I’m not sending him back if he doesn’t feel safe I’m not forcing him to be somewhere.” Davis said he will excuse Payton’s absences until the matter is sorted out. The teacher has not been suspended or put on administrative leave during the investigation. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News has requested to see her personnel file, but are told it will not be ready until some time next week. Davis said to his knowledge there has never been a complaint made about this teacher.

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