Pregnant couple displaced from home after storm damage

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TRENTON, Tenn. — A couple in Trenton now has to find a new place to call home after their house was completely destroyed by Thursday night’s storm. That couple also has a baby on the way with an October 23 due date. Laura Swindell and her boyfriend Brandon Hugueley have been getting their home ready to welcome their first baby later this month. Now they have to clean up and move out after a tree crashed through their roof Thursday night, destroying their home. “At first we honestly thought it was a tornado,” Swindell said. Swindell said just minutes earlier she decided to go warn her boyfriend that the storm was getting closer, “I was sitting in the chair here in the living room actually about ten minutes before the tree came through.” Butch Elliott lives next door and said when he woke up he couldn’t believe the damage he saw. “I was wondering how they kept from getting hurt in there,” Elliott said. Elliot said he doesn’t know why bad things happen to good people, but said he’s offering all the help he can give. “I don’t know how they’re going do it I’m going to check with another neighbor that’s got a house empty that maybe we can get them in to. I don’t know that we can but we’re going to try,” Elliott said. Swindell and her boyfriend say despite the damage they’re thankful, “it means a lot to us I mean it really does it’s very appreciated.” Swindell said even though this is a time that should be exciting she feels just the opposite. “It’s stressful is all I can say I guess because now we have to get everything moved out,” Swindell said. The couple says thankfully none of the baby’s furniture was damaged by the storm. They plan to move in with family while they wait for their baby boy’s arrival on October 23.

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