Blood Moon Preview: West Tennessee

This video is no longer available.

EAST JACKSON–We’re still 24 days from Halloween but “Mother Nature” is already putting on a spooky show. The second blood moon of 2014 will haunt the skies of West Tennessee early Wednesday morning. “The Blood Moon is actually just referred to by astronomers as a lunar eclipse.” Eric Geater, West Tennessee Amateur Astronomer and Forked Deer Astronomy Member, says. A “Blood Moon” is when a full moon passes behind the earth’s shadow producing a blood red color. The colored has been an inspiration of prehistoric Native American legends to the writings of Shakespeare. “The moon just simply passes through a shadow that tinges the color of the moon. You are seeing the air or atmosphere of the earth as it shines on the surface of the moon from both sides.” Geater says. The “Blood Moon” has no relation to the Supermoon, Blue Moon, or even the Harvest Moon. It is one of four moons known as the “lunar tetrad’ where the earth completely covers the moon making it visible to the naked eye. So where are the best viewing spots? “Light pollution is not a problem with a lunar eclipse. The only thing that can get in the way is clouds. The moon is bright enough you don’t have to worry about these kind of things.” Geater says. And for now, clouds don’t appear to be a problem for West Tennesseans. Experts say the best time to see the “Blood Moon” here in West Tennessee around 5:25 tomorrow morning. The peak of the eclipse will be a little before 6 AM so right before you head off to work and school. Set your alarms to catch this rare and spectacular occurrence!

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