Haywood Co. bus driver allegedly assaulted

This video is no longer available.

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.– In Haywood county, an alleged assault is under investigation involving two workers in the school system. According to a Brownsville police report, the bus garage foreman is accused of punching a female bus driver on Monday. However, the incident was not reported to police until two days later. Officers said no arrests were made because of the delay between the incident and their notification. According to Art Garrett, associate superintendent, an investigation is now under way. Brownsville Mayor William Rawls said he does not want this to discourage citizens from their open-door policy. “So if there’s an issue, no matter how great the magnitude or how small, that we get it acknowledged and get it taken care of and investigated properly,” Rawls said. According to the police report, the alleged victim said she and the man had previously dated. No charges have been filed, and the foreman continues to work in the garage.

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