McNairy Co. residents witness possible tornado

This video is no longer available.

McNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. — McNairy County was hit by some of the most powerful storms Monday afternoon. According to law enforcement, the county was the only area in West Tennessee where a possible tornado was spotted, and residents say it sent them running. A possible tornado was caught on camera by a WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News viewer, seen right over the town of Adamsville. “I saw it right next to the high school,” Cody Infield said. “It went by there right after I left, so it was really close to us.” According to the McNairy County Sheriff’s Office, there were no reports of the funnel cloud touching the ground, but residents say it still put them on edge. “It looked like it was forming a funnel,” Cayla Infield said. “We knew we needed to go take cover. It was getting pretty scary.” As the storm moved in, the manager of a local store said she thought she and her customers were going to be right in the path. “I was going to have to shut the store down and get customers inside a cooler or something,” Jennifer Sheffiled said. “We were just scared there for a bit because it got so dark so quick.” The sheriff’s office said there were no reports of severe damage throughout the county other than some minor flooding and downed tree limbs. Residents say they feel lucky this storm did not do as much damage as the tornado that hit Adamsville in 2010. “It was a little scarier then actually, because it was at night,” Sheffiled said. “At least during the day you can prepare yourself and you’re able to see what’s coming.” “The house I’m living in now did get some damage during that storm,” Sam Birchfield said. “Hail damage, and it had to be replaced.” The National Weather Service will be sending a survey team to McNairy County on Tuesday to determine if a tornado actually touched down.

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