Monday storm sweeps through Dyersburg

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Many in Dyersburg are still shaken up after a strong storm pushed through Monday in the middle of the afternoon. Jeremy Conder lives on Pennell Lane in Dyersburg and says the storm sounded like a hurricane. “It’s very scary. I thought I was going to die,” Conder said. He said the storm moved quickly. “I actually saw my shed get picked and slammed into my house — it happened that fast,” Conder said. Patricia Glisson lives next door to Conder and said even hours after the storm had passed, she felt nervous. “I can’t even describe it. I’m still shaken,” Glisson said. “Now we’re looking for bits and pieces we’ve lost.” Dyersburg residents said the storm came through around 2 p.m. “We noticed a little dust devil building out in the middle of the road, and it probably wasn’t five, 10 minutes after that all this came through,” said Dyersburg resident Robert Sims. “There was no warning.” According to Sims, the storm sirens did not go off until after the storm came through. The National Weather Service never issued a tornado warning for Dyer County, but it did see a severe thunderstorm warning. The Dyer County EMA director said the county saw wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and that it has been a while since they have seen anything like it. “We made contact with everyone and made sure what the possibilities were and as prepared as you could be,” EMA Director James Medling said. Justin Scopas said he has experienced a tornado before and that this felt like one. “Hopefully we can get it out of the way and get our electricity back on and be able to get in our house and everything, you know, but at least the main thing is we’re alive.” Scopas said. Sims said he is thankful it was not worse. “We’re all safe. We’re all sound. The neighborhood’s all good, so it can all be replaced,” he said. There were no reports of serious injuries. Medling said they will begin estimating the financial impact of the storm Tuesday morning.

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