TBI: Dylan Adams charged with rape in Holly Bobo case

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DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. — John Dylan Adams was indicted Tuesday morning on two counts or rape in the Holly Bobo case, according to the TBI. Prosecutors say Adams sexually assaulted Bobo inside his family’s home in Holladay. A special Grand Jury convened at the Decatur Courthouse to consider the charges. Residents say hearing these 2 new charges were chilling, but it makes justice for Holly one step closer. District Attorney General Matt Stowe released a statement, saying, “The state is proud to have taken another step, however small, on the long road to justice for Holly,” Green and pink ribbons hanging throughout Decaturville symbolize the fight for justice, a journey that isn’t easy for anyone. “It’s hard, I think with them finding the body gave a little peace to the family, but it’s still just going to be trying and I think most of us realize it may be a while before it’s totally complete,” saidcommunity supporter and friend Lori Yarbro. Yarbro once joined the search parties for Holly and says she can’t imagine how difficult the revelation is for the Bobo’s. “I think to her family, just knowing that we’re all still thinking about them, is probably the most comforting thing they can hope right now,” Yarbro explained. Adams will be arraigned in court on these charges next Wednesday, October 22. Adams is one of five men charged in the disappearance, death, and murder of Holly Bobo.

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