Finney says Gist’s actions ‘smell like politics’

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DOWNTOWN JACKSON — Critics of Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist believe his decision to fire Police Chief Gill Kendrick and appoint Captain Julian Wiser to the position is politically motivated. Gist’s only opponent so far, State Senator Lowe Finney, said he is suspicious of the timing. “When you’re six months before the election and all of the sudden decide to do something about the number one issue facing our community, it’s got a political ring to it,” Finney said. When Finney announced his campaign in August, he cited the crime in Jackson as a leading reason behind his decision to run. “Why after three years of double-digit homicides does he suddenly make a change?” Finney asked. “Why now appoint someone, in the administration’s words, who has real experience dealing with these kinds of problems?” Gist maintains his decision to make a change in leadership at the police department has nothing to do with the upcoming election. He argues his decisions are based on what is best for the next generation. The mayoral election is May 5, 2015.

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